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The layout of the new energy vehicle is in place
Release time:2017-08-08 Views:933

On July 27th, "DAYUN special fund$2.5 billions for new energy vehicles "was published on the Shanxi province government website. The fund is used to support DAYUN Automobile co., LTD to accomplish a project with annual capacity of 100000 electric SUV, MPV models.
      When the project is completed, the annual output of DAYUN will be 100000 electric SUV, MPV models, the annual output value will be over 30 billions yuan and the annual tax will be more than 6 billions yuan.
      This means that DAYUN has formed a full range of pure electric and clean energy products in the new energy commercial vehicle industry, which will further rush into the new energy passenger vehicles field.
      DAYUN has been the eighth best in Chinese heavy industry, it is the only private enterprises in the top 10.When people finally start to pay close attention to DAYUN after its 8 years of rapid development, DAYUN has published its whole series of new energy commercial vehicle, what a big surprise!

In 2016, the sales of DAYUN new energy pure electric vehicles increased substantially and made DAYUN the second best in the industry. It is a glorious achievement for DAYUN which is trying to grow. From traditional heavy, medium, light trucks to pure electric and clean energy vehicles, DAYUN always prepare well. The rise of new energy products is undoubtedly a successful attack on the market.
      In the first half of 2015, the new energy lab was completed. In June 2015, DAYUN passed the new energy pure electric vehicle production qualification audit, became the only private car company in Shanxi Province which is qualified with producing pure electric truck and passenger compartment car. In July 2015, the first pure electric vehicle was successfully developed. The such rapid develop speed can not be separated from the deep accumulation of big transportation in the new energy automobile industry. Most importantly, DAYUN keeps the new energy truck sand the conventional trucks developing together, never ignores the conventional trucks .
      "We will take advantage of the policy to break through the light, medium and heavy trucks, and by 2020 we will produce 50,000 vehicles per year, more than traditional heavy trucks" the chairman of DAYUN automobile co., LTD., said at the “docking exchange of the new energy vehicle and parts meeting” in Shanxi Province ,April 2016, .
      Now DAYUN have developed four series of clean energy trucks, more than 300 kinds of gas products, obtained more than 100 technical patents in gas car field. Its gas consumption is 3-7% lower than the similar models.
     The performance of DAYUN is remarkable in developing the pure electric trucks. In July 2015, the first pure electric cargo truck was successfully developed. In the same year, pure electric wharf tractor and 4-2 pure electric truck were developed. In particular, the 4-by-2 all-electric truck will be full charged in 2 hours, and can runs 130Km.It can also be extended to be modified vans, sanitation vehicles and self-discharging garbage trucks.

The total quality of DAYUN pure electric 6*4 trailer is 14000kg, and the load quality of the trailer is 34505kg.It is equipped with high performance battery which is charged 290.61 degrees, with 120 kw dc charging, and support fast charging.  It has 4charging ports, filling 40%battery in 10-15 minutes ,when the vehicle is fully loaded it can run 120 kilometers. Its maximum output is 476 horsepower, maximum speed is 90 km/h.

Always satisfy the market, whether it is traditional heavy truck market, or new energy commercial vehicles market, is the principle that DAYUN will follow.

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