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Profile of Dayun Auto Co., Ltd

Dayun Auto Co., Ltd is headquartered in Yuncheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shanxi Province.It is a private enterprise integrating automobile R&D, production, sales and service, with a registered capital of 1.07 billion yuan and total assets of more than 11 billion yuan. Dayun has a full range of automobile production qualifications, with three wholly-owned subsidiary production bases in Yuncheng, Chengdu and Shiyan.The Yuncheng base produces heavy trucks and new energy vehicles, the Chengdu base produces light trucks, and the Shiyan base produces medium trucks.

Dayun Auto Yuncheng Production Base

Heavy Truck Production Base is located in Yuncheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total construction area of 500,000 square meters. It has five major production lines for stamping, welding, painting, general assembly and special vehicles.Its main production equipment and testing equipment have reached the domestically advanced level. The company was founded in 2004 and officially put into operation on October 26, 2009. Since it was put into operation, its production and sales volume has been ranked among the top ten in the industry, and in 2015 it started to enter the seventh place in the industry and the sixth place in tractor truck, becoming the leading representative of Chinese private heavy truck enterprises.

Dayun New Energy Vehicle Production Base

    Dayun New Energy Vehicle Production Base, located in Yuncheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, covers a total construction area of 300,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 pure electric light buses and 100,000 multi-purpose passenger cars. The project products cover three series of pure electric SUV, MPV and sedan passenger car products. The quality of the product is positioned at the high end, and the whole vehicle is intelligent, networked, power, economy, comfort, reliability, durability and chassis performance are significantly better than the competing models, and has strong market competitiveness. Now the first model of pure electric SUV and MPV of Dayun is on sale and four new electric cars and SUVs are under development.On November 8, 2023, Yuanhang Automobile was put into mass production and ready to hit the market. 

Dayun Auto Chengdu Production Base

Founded in 2009, the Chengdu production base is located in Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total construction area of 250,000 square meters. It has seven modern production lines including stamping, welding, painting, final assembly, cargo compartments and frames.It is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in Sichuan Province.

Dayun Auto Shiyan Production Base

Founded in 2010, the production base of Dayun Auto Shiyan is located in the Yunxi District of Shiyan City, Hubei Province, witha total construction area of 150,000 square meters.

The company attaches great importance to independent innovation and has formulated the technological innovation strategy of "producing, developingand reserving", and has developed fuel, gas, hydrogen and new energy trucks, buses, passenger cars and other products. It has formed a complete and core competitive vehicle product line, which has very obviously competitive advantages in economy, safety and comfort. With superior comprehensive performance, Dayun Heavy Truck has created three Guinness World Records, such as "the shortest distance for truck drifting into", "the narrowest passage for truck driving on two wheels on the side" and "the farthest distance for truck slope leaping". Since its production started, the company has been ranked among the top ten in the industry in terms of production and sales volume, and has become the leading representative of private automobile manufacturing enterprises in China.The trademark of Dayun was recognized as a well-known trademark in China; the enterprise technology center was awarded as provincial enterprise technology center and provincial engineering technology center. 

In addition to the development of traditional fuel vehicles, the company follows the national "green development" strategic layout and takes new energy vehicles as the core strategic focus of the company, planning ahead and making precise efforts to achieve a full range of new energy heavy trucks, medium trucks, light trucks, buses and passenger cars product layout. In addition, Dayun Auto is the first to have a new energy laboratory in Shanxi Province, and has complete independent intellectual property rights in the integrated and matching design of pure electric vehicles and vehicle controllers, and has the ability to develop key technologies and vehicle matching for electric vehicles.

Dayun always insists on the development goal of "establishing a corporate culture with solid concepts and values, and becoming the most successful enterprise in contributing to society", and strives to build a world-renowned automobile brand. 

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