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Factorty Environment
  • Factory aerial view

  • Dayan statue

Dayun Memorabilia
  • Green Development

    New Energy Vehicles(NEVs)

  • Business Transition

    Commercial Vehicles(CVs)

  • 2023

    On November 8, 2023, Yuanhang Automobile was put into mass production and ready to hit the market.

  • 2022

    The new high-end new energy passenger car brand of Dayun, Yuanhang,announced at Chengdu International Auto Show with 4 debut models.

  • 2021

    Dayun electric passenger car achieved volume production. In the same year, the joint R&D center with Bosch, and strategic partnership with Huawei and Ali were established.

  • 2016

    Entered the pure electric logistics vehicle market and completed the blueprint of the whole series of commercial NEV.

  • 2015

    Three bases were restructured to form Dayun Auto Company.

  • October 2009

    Dayun heavy truck mass production line was set up.

  • March 2009

    Entered the field of light truck by acquiring Sichuan Galaxy Automobile and forming Chengdu Dayun Automobile Company.

  • June 2004

    Dayun heavy truck production base established, the milestone that signaled Dayun enter the heavy truck field.

  • July 2010

    Established Hubei Dayun Automobile Company.

  • 2011

    Dayun Heavy Truck continued to rank among the top ten in the industry as the only private enterprise

Corporative Cultural Persuits
  • Corporate goals
    Establish an enterprise culture with honest ideas and values, and become the most successful enterprise contributing to society.
  • Corporate philosophy
    Ideal is the soul, service is the life, innovation is the blood, harmony is the power, credit is the bridge, and talent is the pillar.
  • Employment concept
    It is talents who do not care about the east, west, north and south. They are selected regardless of the high and low. They do not hesitate to pay a lot of money and treat others with integrity, benevolence and justice.
  • Business policy
    Cost efficiency, management goal, flat organization and maximum value.
  • Quality policy
    Pursue excellence, win with quality, improve continuously, and satisfy customers.
  • Working style
    Precise and meticulous, strive for perfection, be standardized and innovative.
  • Service concept
    Do the trivial things perfectly.
  • Corporate spirit
    efficiency comes from diligence
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