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Equipped with imported Mercedes-Benz engine! To sell at a domestic price! How much do you know about the dark horse DAYUN N9H?
Release time:2017-08-08 Views:1147
      According to the statistics of network, during the period from January to June of 2017,the sales volume of DAYUN heavy truck has maintained a substantial increase for 6 months and the sales volume of each month are far higher than the 2016 over the same period,which can be described as rapid growth. In order to seize the core competitiveness of the market and meet the higher level of user demand, DAYUN has introduced the high-end model carried the Mercedes-Benz engine,N9H.
      DAYUN N9H series model is a high-end positioning heavy truck product, mainly used for daily industrial products, express delivery, cold chain and other long-distance logistics and transport. The product highlights luxury and comfort, reliability and transport timeliness.
      With a new streamlined design, a three-tier ladder-like mask, front grille inlaying silver bar intertwined with the logo of DAYUN , N9H looks more beautiful and hale with high-top cab. It also equipped with adjustable air deflector, which can adjust the deflector height according to the loading volume, reduce wind resistance, and save fuel consumption, in addition to matching the electric integral-type rearview mirror with electric heating function, which makes it easy to remove the snow and ensure driving safety.

      The overall style of the interior is simple, semi-enclosed design makes it easy for the driver to operate. The cab is more capacious, and half-package dashboard brings convenience to the driver's control.


     In addition, N9H is also equipped with remote control keys, automatic adjustment of high-power air conditioning, up and down spacious sleeper design, multi-functional combination of the top cabinet, manual skylight and so on. These humanized configurations are in line with the high-end models of the facilities.

      Power configuration is the secret weapon of DAYUN heavy truck N9H actually. This model can be equipped with 13L German imported Mercedes-Benz OM460 engine, covering 400 to 490 horsepower to meet euro Ⅴ emission standards, and uses ZF 16S2230TD gearbox. In addition, as a high-end heavy truck, lightweight design is indispensable, DAYUN N9H is equipped with aluminum alloy fuel tank and less leaf spring, small gear ratio axles and other chassis structures. From the vehicle power configuration, it can be seen that dynamic and stability of N9H are extremely excellent.

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