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Wang Haichun: I am confident about DAYUN Truck
Release time:2017-08-25 Views:1046

Changing from the ordinary to the great takes a long time, the law is known to many people: It takes ten thousand hours to become an expert in a particular field, if work eight hours a day, five days a week, then to be an expert in a field will need at least five years. However, Wang Haichun, a dealer of DAYUN, from Tangshan, completed the transformation of being an expert in only three years.
      When Wang Haichun was asked why he favours DAYUN truck, he said it was because DAYUN’s quality and its service which makes his team and his clients confident about DAYUN. No wonde DAYUN sales has maintained high growth in Tangshan.

DAYUN N9 heavy duty truck

People always say: "Hebei is the most important truck market in China and Tangshan is the most important truck market in Heibei."This suggests that Tangshan truck market in Hebei province has become a hot photo in truck business. DAYUN is a rising star in Tangshan, manager Wang told reporters, DAYUN began laying network channels in 2012, started to sell its major series of products in 2013, over fulfilled the sales mission last year, by the end of July, it has completed the year sales target, and  the sales is still growing.
      In July, the city's temperature hit a new high. From 24th to 25th, a total of 40 people from Tangshan Hebei province, have been led by the dealers in hebei province to inspect DAYUN. By visiting factories and new products, users of DAYUN praised its advanced production technology, excellent production process, strict production style and amazing quality, they were more firmly confident about DAYUN and decided to buy DAYUN trucks, finally they ordered 122 units.

Big selling model

Wang users was asked why they are so accepting of DAYUN, manager wang told reporters: "the market is good, the product is better."
      The better product Manager wang said are the N8H and N9.Especially the N8H series products, from July 1th to 7th, 2017, the DAYUN N8H accounted for most of the sales, and more and more truck users are willing to choose Dayun N8H,Wang said: "the N8H products have taken lots of tested in the market, it turned out to be high quality and trusted by the users."
      Why is the N8H series products so popular, Wang said: "the usersfrom Tangshan region have been in the transportation market for years, they are very smart, don't easily to try new products, while the DAYUN powerful industry chain is a favorite of many users, and their years of experience in the transport market also tells them that DAYUN is reliable and stable ,especially in this period that more trips means more profit.

Office area

As for the N9 products, Wang told reporters: "currently, users mainly buy 500 horsepower models. For efficient transportation, we generally recommend a powerful engine, rear axles with small ratio and a direct transmission, such as running long lines orclimb slopes over the mountains,N9 can ensure high efficiency and make the goods arrive earlier, so that the owners are always very satisfied, 
      When Wang Haichun was asked why he understood users so well, he told reporters: "I listen to them and chat with them all the time, especially when the market ssbad , life is hard for them, I concern about them and offer my help to them .Once the market gets better, the old customers will bring new customers to buy trucks from me, of course DAYUN is their first choice .
      As the DAYUN 4s shop in Tangshan, our service is the best, that brings a lot of confidence to the users, most of the them just come to do basic maintenance, there is no serious breakdown need to be fixed.
      To be changed from the good to the great still needs time, at the end, Wang told reporters that he will try his best to make Dasyun the best truck brand in Tangshan in the next few years, and he is quite confident about DAYUN.
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