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An old Driver from XinfadiCompany Said: Strong power, Good Service, Fast Money Back, You Have toChoose DayunBrand
Release time:2018-04-25 Views:501
      "I feel Dayunbrand very good, the power is powerful and comfortable, I am very recognized for the quality of Dayun."
      Recently, the first commercial vehicle network reporter visited Beijing Xinfadi Agricultural Products Market and interviewed a master of Dayun N8H heavy truck, Xi, who is full of praise for his truck. From the engine to the cab, there is no place to make him feel satisfied.
      Driving for more than 20 years, farthest to Xinjiang Province
      Xi said frankly that he chose the truck driver profession because it was a good job to drive a truck. You can sit in the cab without having to endure the wind and the sun, and the income is higher. When he first did this job as a truck driver, he had 800 yuan a month, which was already very high at that time.

  "I started driving in 1996. I was an apprentice at that time when I was only 16 years old. The salary per month was 180 yuan. By 1998, I was 18 years old and got my driver's license to start doing it myself."
      After about 20 years, Xi almost touched all the domestic brands of trucks and left their own footprints in various parts of the country. Today, xihas basically fixed his own freight route to Beijing to Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan.
      "My current driving route is to run from Beijing to Chengdu, then run Chengdu toKunming, then run via from Kunming to Xishuangbanna, and finally return toBeijing from Xishuangbanna, the whole journey is about 6,300 kilometers." Xi said, this route on the road not took a lot of time. The longest time from Xishuangbanna to Beijing took 3 days, because of the low speed of unloading, he could only run two laps a month.  
      At present, the route that Xi runs the furthest is from Yunnan to Xinjiang, with a single journey of more than 5,000 kilometers. Because the mountain road is not easy to walk, it takes five days to arrive. "I drive farthest to Xinjiang, pull fruits from Yunnan to Xinjiang, and then pull a batch of goods back to Chengdu. Basically I only run this route once a year." This line is a great test for the performance of the vehicle. Fortunately,Dayun heavy truck does not lose the driver’s trust, which can meet the needs of Driver Xi.
      When the reporter interviewed Xi, his truck had been parked in Beijing for 3 days, and the watermelon of one truck was almost sold out. If it is lucky, another one more day will be finished, then Xican carry another one trucks goods to Chengdu.
      Running long-distance freight plus the complex terrain of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, canthe Dayun N8H withstand such a test?
      Choosing a truck to see a number of indicators:  Dayun is very good.
      Long-distance freight runs frequently, and Xi’s performance requirements for the vehicle are very high. Dayun N8H was able to successfully complete a single-pass operation of more than 5,000 kilometers, which made him feel very satisfied.

      "My truck is equipped with a 430-horsepower engine of Weichai. The climber has never been short of power. I don't have to worry about the lack of power in the mountains of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan," Xi said. And the fuel consumption, speed, climbing strength and other aspects of the vehicle also performed well.
      In addition to the power, comfort is also very important for Xi, because running long distances often have to rest in the cab, if the sleeper is not wide enough, it is not comfortable to sleep, or the cab is not soundproof, and the noise is too big when sleeping. It will make Xi feel very painful. Driving a truck is a very exhausting thing.Not good rest is not only uncomfortable, but also increases the risk of traffic accidents.
      "The comfort of this truck is good, and in most cases I will rest in the truck." Xi said.
      In addition, there is an aspect of Dayunthat makes Master Xi amazing, that is, after-sales. "Dayun's after-sales service makes me feel good. I have a little problem with the truck. I call the after-sales service personnel. Their attitude is very good. The fault handling is also very timely, and I will not delay my work. This makes me feel very comfortable."
      The Dayun N8H purchased by Xi and used for about a year. This year, he maintained every two months. Every time the maintenance, the staff at the service station left a good impression on him. “I went to the maintenance for the vehicle, just throwing the truck to the service station, turning around and leaving, no matter what, it is very worry-free. After a short time, the after-sales service staff will call me and let me pick up the truck.”Xi said.

      "The down payment when buying this truck is very low, and the loan can be paid off in about one year. At that time, I will be debt-free." Xi said that he only needs two years to drive this Dayun N8H truck to return all of it paid, and also can make other more profit. About one year later, Xi will enjoy his life better

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