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Breaking 10 Billion! Dayun Auto's Revenue Growth in 2017 is Super-fast! The Head of The Person,Chairman Yuan QinshanUnveiled theReason Behind.
Release time:2018-03-26 Views:697
       Following the outbreak in 2016, Dayun Motor's revenue in 2017 continued to grow at a high rate, with annual revenues exceeding 10 billion yuan.
       Since the Dayun motor was formed in 2004, the company's revenue has increased year by year, which is not easy.
       Why is Dayun motor's revenue in 2017 continuing to rise? What is the reason behind it?
       Recently, when the chairman of Dayun Grouptalked to FangDe Web, he answered the above questions one by one.

      2017 is full of gains to enhance competitiveness in many ways
      In 2017, the heavy truck market, similar to 2010, was extremely hot and reached a record high – 1.12 million units sold in the year, exceeding the record set in 2010 (1.02 million units), reaching a new peak in sales. Such a good market has made many heavy-duty truck companies busy with making and selling trucks. However, Dayun motor has done a lot of different "homework" in 2017, which has enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises in many aspects and maintain high growth in revenue.
      Yuan Qinshan said with emotion: "Reviewing the past year is an extraordinary year for the Dayun people. In 2017, all the great players have united and forged ahead, and all the undertakings have made great progress. It can be said that We are full of harvest."
      In terms of product development, Dayun heavy trucks keep up with market demand and vigorously implement the boutique strategy – high-end DayunGolden Color N9H tractor, Rising star N8V starlight silver tractor and other new models are on the market, and “Benz” and “Cummins” lead the high-end Heavy truck market trend. In general, whether it is a lightweight model that is “lightly loaded”, or a “high-end atmosphere” N9H high-end model, or a “new energy-saving” new energy model, Dayun heavy trucks are all suitable for users’ needs and highlight the products in the economy. The competitive advantage in terms of economy, safety and comfort has won wide reputation among users.
      In the production organization, Dayun heavy trucks start from the user's needs and implement the Lean Production method. Constraining employees with a unified time tick, cultivating employees with iron work discipline, process discipline and quality discipline to ensure order delivery speed. In 2017, the heavy-duty truck market was hot. In some months, even the trucks were difficult to order. Whoever can produce more vehicles can get more orders. Dayungot more market opportunities by guaranteeing order delivery speed.
      In terms of quality management, Dayun heavy trucks strive to achieve excellence through practical actions. In 2017, Dayun motor won the second Shanxi Quality Award for its excellent quality management and brand performance, and became the only nominated one in Shanxi Province to receive the China Trademark Gold Award “Trademark Innovation Award”. The brand influence of Dayun enterprise is new steps.
      In business management, Dayun motor constantly regulates business operations and management. For the various business areas, key points and problems of the enterprise, it develops scientific and reasonable incentive mechanisms and management control methods to achieve ‘excellent employees’ promotion, normal workers replaced, unqualified employees demotion", and through "competition" + "incentive" the way to motivate employees to innovate, but also to develop a reasonable accountability mechanism to implement joint supervision.
      It can be seen that in 2017, Dayun motor not only achieved high growth in revenue, but also improved its products in terms of product, quality, production and management, and enhanced multiple competitiveness, which laid the foundation for the long-term healthy development of the company. The foundation, and the high growth of revenue is nothing but a matter of course.

      Adding points for the future, moving on the road of intelligent manufacturing  
      In addition to improving the competitiveness of all aspects of the enterprise, in the transformation of intelligent manufacturing, Dayun Auto is a big step forward in 2017, and it will take the lead in the future market competition.
      “In 2017, Dayun Motor successfully applied in the 'Industry 4.0' smart factory and intelligent production system, and successfully selected the “2017 Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to make the Dayun motor from manufacturing to smart manufacturing transformation." Yuan Qinshan said.
      Yuan Qinshan said believes that "from the core competitiveness of enterprises: as one of the automobile manufacturing industries, heavy truck manufacturing involves tens of thousands of parts and components, and comprehensively integrates various advanced manufacturing technologies to represent the development of advanced manufacturing technologies. In the future, who can combine advanced IT technology with automobile manufacturing in the field of Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence in the future, who will be able to take the lead in future competition and be in a leading position."

      It is understood that from the beginning of its founding, Dayun Auto has attached great importance to the construction of enterprise intelligent manufacturing, set up a special team for intelligent manufacturing, and released the “Dayun Automotive Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan” as an outline for enterprise intelligent manufacturing development. "As long as it is beneficial to the development of enterprises, the investment in information construction will not be discounted. In the enterprise innovation, the investment will be over 100 million yuan, and the talents who contribute to the enterprise innovation will be rewarded and a large number of backbones will be cultivated; We are closely following the international first-class level in intelligent manufacturing technology, and we have joined hands with leading companies to establish strategic partnerships." Yuan Qinshan said.
      Although it has gone very fast in the transformation of smart manufacturing, for Dayun, there is only a starting point and no end. "In the future, we will continue to increase the pace of smart manufacturing development, and further enhance and improve the intelligent manufacturing platform through the exploration and application of advanced technologies, and always maintain the Dayun motor intelligent manufacturing has been on the road." According to the vision of Yuan Qinshan, Dayun motor it is necessary to maintain the company's competitive advantage in the future through the transformation of intelligent manufacturing.
      It is foreseeable that according to the current Dayun development trend, Dayun motor will not only have a place in the top ten heavy trucks, but also may bring more surprises to the industry in the future.

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