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Why Does Chairman YuanQinShanRegard "ProdcutQuality" as The Trump Card of Dayun?
Release time:2018-03-15 Views:519
      "If the quality of the product is not good, it will mean harming the user and himself." On the eve of the 3.15 Consumer Rights Day, Yuan Qinshan, Dayun Motor Chairman said.
      "Dayun truck, running around the world", this is not only the advertising word of Dayun Motor, but also the portrayal of the status of dayun motor. Dayun motor was able to play a world in the fiercely competitive truck market in just a few years because it has a lot of cards in its hands and one of the trump cards is "Quality." 

      At the beginning of March 2018, before the arrival of 3.15 Consumer Rights Day, Yuan Qinshan faced an exclusive interview with Fangde Web, once again stressed: "Golden Cup Silver Cup is not as good as the common people's reputation. The best protection for consumer rights is to provide superior quality products for consumers"

      Yuan Qinshan said that it is precisely because of its excellent quality that in the past few years, Dayun truck has been gradually recognized by the industry and users, and word of mouth has been passed, which has achieved good brand benefits for Dayun truck. "The quality of the products is reliable and reliable in order to win the recognition of consumers. The gold cup silver cup is not as good as the people's reputation." He often said this. 
      YuanQinShan believes that if the products are good, the users will recognize them, and the quality of the products will continue to be excellent. More and more users will be recognized, and enterprises can quickly form economies of scale and become bigger and stronger. “Enterprises must do a good job in product quality. This is a prerequisite for participating in any market competition and winning.”
      "If the quality of the product is not good, it will mean harming the user and himself. Seriously, if you do not do a good job of product quality, it is a problem with the persons’ character. For example, if the company sells the product with quality hazards to the user, It is equivalent to giving them a 'bomb', which may explode someday. Such a 'bomb', even if it is free, users will never recognize it." In YuanQinShan’s opinion, quality is absolutely A red line that cannot be crossed. The quality of the company is not good, just like the bad character of a person, it is the most serious problem.  
      In order to build a good quality product, how did Dayunwhich entered the truck market in 2009do it? YuanQinShan said that since Dayun motor has been put into production, it has established a perfect quality management system, which runs through product development, accessory procurement, product production, vehicle delivery, and sales service. The process and each process are implemented in strict accordance with international standards to ensure the effective operation and continuous improvement of the quality management system.  
      ISO's international quality management system, the first requirement for enterprises is "user-oriented". Dayun consistently implements this principle. In terms of product development, Dayun heavy trucks closely follow the market demand and vigorously implement the boutique strategy. Whether it is a lightweight model, or the N9 high-end model that has been listed in recent years, or a new energy-saving model that is “environmentally friendly and energy-saving”, it closely matches the changes in user demand, focusing on the competition in terms of economy, safety and comfort. The advantage has won wide recognition from users.

      In the view of YuanQinShan, high quality of dayun products, it needs to bulid up a good completed whole value chain. Therefore, from the selection of accessories, Dayun not only requires itself to do a good job, but also strictly controls the quality of parts and components. Since the establishment of the factory, Dayun has been developing the target of “choosing the industry-famous and domestic first-class matching parts”. When selecting suppliers, it insists on the order of “quality, supply, service and price” and puts quality first. The quality of components are not good, even if it is sent free of charge, we do not use them.
      "In the production organization, we proceed from the user's needs, implement 'just-in-time production', constrain the employees with a unified time tick, and cultivate employees with iron work discipline, process discipline and quality discipline to ensure the delivery speed of orders." YuanQinShan introduced the production of Dayun. Dayun heavy trucks are also actively pursuing the Lean Production method, starting from “pull production” and strictly following the “production units only need the labor required, produce the required products in the required quantity and store them in the required places” This principle of Lean Production effectively eliminates all kinds of waste and other ineffective labor drawbacks.
      YuanQinShan said that Dayun motor is in the process of sales, accurate procedures, timely delivery; in the after-sales service, to achieve customer demand, inquiries must respondfast and agile, delay accountability. “We also launched the first 'Lifetime Warranty' service policy in this industry. 'Lifetime Warranty' requires confidence and confidence in every part of yours. If you are not sure with usage of the life cycle of each component.Then ‘Lifetime Warranty' service policy will make Dayun bankrupt." YuanQinShan said that Dayun motor is the first in the industry to introduce "lifetime warranty", which is responsible for consumers’ product for life and Dayun company itself. Self-confidence for your own quality. It can be said that it is with the concept of "quality first" that dayun heavy trucks stand out from the truck industry and are gradually recognized by users and their reputation is increasing.
      In the future, how will Dayun go? I believe that as long as the flag of quality is always held, Dayun will always stand in the forest of trucks.

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