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Dayun N9 heavy truck helps Jia Weiliang chase poem and distance
Release time:2018-01-16 Views:1131
      Recently, a large area of snowfall across the country, in the face of the snow-capped world, some people are happy while others worry. "Difficult to travel" has become a top concern for truck drivers who are at the top of the line for years to come. Recently, Jia Weiliang, a master of Jilin, completed a difficult journey of going through the wind and snow, and the companion to accompany him was the Dayun heavy truck with less than six months of official operation.

      Northeast Jia Caja master born optimist, love to study new products, heavy truck technology, focusing on improving driving skills. "No diamond, no porcelain live ', often driving in the Northeast line, driving on ice and snow roads is an essential skill for me, to keep driving at low speed, try to widen the distance with the car in front, remember not to overtake. Gentle operation, the brake should be more gentle should not rush brake, watching the roadside accident vehicles are mostly due to hard braking caused by the heart will be very uncomfortable. "Driving age of nearly 20 years old Jia look focused commercial reporter told reporters.

      While talking about his own knowledge, while watching the sedan has sold a small half tangerine, Master Jia optimistic said: "This car tangerine three days ago in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang, arrived in Beijing last night the new hair, 2200 Km distance, two days and two nights of long-distance raid arrived only within 35 hours to complete the requirements of the owner arrived, timeliness is too high. Fortunately, Dayun heavy truck performance is stable and reliable, all the way without any failure, after the running-in fuel consumption is also very Satisfied, otherwise the market is poor and the car sellers, do not make money trip down.

Old driver buysDayunbut more love to drive trucks.

      As the saying goes, "love whatever job one takes up""I just did not know the transport industry, followed by an old master humbly consulted to learn, fought for a few years before embarked on the road to keep the car .But when the money on hand, bought a non- Grand Master brand car opened a new road to operation. "Master Jia smiled and told reporters:" At that time my mood was very excited, when supply is adequate, the market is not bad, good benefits, but not good for a long time, a year later Vehicles often start to have problems, the old repair shop to run, vehicle operating a serious loss, the final sale helpless.

      Since then, Jia master began to study heavy truck technology, driving a large number of heavy truck models, with the continuous accumulation of experience in the election car has its own experience. "In the face of the rapid development of heavy truck technology, I value the stability of the overall operation of the vehicle and have discussed with my friends many times. The final selection of Dayun N9 Far Truck version of the heavy truck is of reliable quality and stable performance. Weichai 500 horsepower engine running mountains and mountainous road fuel-efficient, uphill overtaking unambiguous, time-efficient means that ran out of good benefits to. "Master Jia told reporters.

      In fact, in the northeast regional market, Dayun Truck is regarded as a "recruiter" but full of energy. "When I saw the car in the 4S shop, Dayun N9 heavy truck domineering appearance attracted me, the car experience and found that comfort, sense of space are good, after sales staff introduced the car equipped with Weichai 500 horsepower engine, the quality Stable and reliable. "Master Jia said happily:" High power plus small speed than the axle in the standard carrier transport conditions run fast fuel-efficient, in Guangxi mountainous and complicated road conditions, climbing is also very agile, vehicle performance is stable and reliable , Every time can safely and efficiently complete the transport mission, the owner satisfied with us, I am more satisfied with their Dayun N9 Far Edition heavy truck. "
      Service intimate fear of traffic

      "I moved to buy Universiade N9 in fact there is one, that is, Dayun heavy truck 'life-long warranty' service," Master Jia Yuehe said, "This service let me out of the car no longer afraid."

      When talking about after-sales service, Jia master expressed satisfaction. The first time to do when the first security, the service station has been prepared in advance the appropriate parts, go to the scene by all professionals can be, the service staff did not forget to remind car related matters, warm sign Word on the beloved Dayun heavy truck ran a transport mission.
      In the national transportation aorta, Master Jia is a microcosm of the millions of truck drivers, busy and obscure. The experienced Jia master due to Dayun N9 Far heavy truck and make the transport journey has become different, efficient and stable completion of one after another task, embarked on a prosperous road to prosperity.

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