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Liao Zhanwei: Keep Fighting, Don’t Give up
Release time:2018-01-02 Views:818
      The wind in the South China Sea slowly inflates banana leaves and drives boundless thoughts scattered in the wind. When Liao Zhanwei left for many years, he again came to Guangdong. After years of hard work, he did not even think of returning to the familiar place. Life, there are always some things unclear, perhaps a reincarnation, perhaps destiny, somewhere, a lot of things are doomed in general, holding us to go forward. Leaving Guangdong for many years, and getting involved in a new industry, the year 2017 appears a little different for Mr Liao. 

      Time flies, now Nansha is not the old appearance.  More and more construction sites imply the prosperity here. Liao Zhanwei returned to Guangdong, along with friends into the logistics field, first, friends have stock, and second, after his analysis, Think logistics industry still has a lot of space. Hesitate to buy his first car of life, Grand Canal DYX12 430, to join the logistics industry, middle-aged people for the rest of the Bo a life on the road, bow no back arrow. Red, forward, as long as hard, hard-working people will always live the life you want.

Liao Zhanwei (left) and driver

      Liao doesn’t have A2 driver's license, has never driven a truck, never involved in the logistics industry, in this way, with the guidance of a friend, thoughtful with a cavity of blood, Liao Zhanwei bought a car, hired the driver, became a member of the swing armored cabinet. People who is familiar with the industry knows that the golden age belongs to the logistics industry is gone, the old logistics people are trying every possible way to change or restructuring, but Liao Zhanwei has courageously entered the industry , Can be described as life can have a few times to fight, choose, then run forward.

      The hard time exists in every industry, people who is outside wants to come in, people who is inside wants to go out, unfamiliarmakes it lookbeautiful, but once you are familiar with the business ,it will be too clearly, I feel quite tasteless. However, as a long-term industry, the logistics industry, as the lifeline of a country, still has a bright future. The stagflation is temporary. In the long run, the industry will always have Full of energy and hope. Perhaps that is the reason Liao Zhanwei joins the industry.

      "Slowly, walking step by step, the same learning, this is a long-term thing, half an hour will be useless." Although the entry is not long, but the mentality is very good, Liao Zhanwei has spotted the core of this industry, that Is: a safe car, slowly accumulate, the long-term cause needs a steady dry, full of accumulation, and gradually develop. "To do this is to fight a protracted war and want quick fixes, and that will not do." Before buying a car, I thought of these, so I am not in a hurry to come to Japan long, accumulating experience on the one hand and accumulating capital on the other hand.
      Although the company is pulling goods to friends, freight is not in arrears, but the car to buy a driver, as well as the daily working expenses, Liao Zhanwei also invested 100,000 yuan in the early. Because he is not familiar with the industry and not familiar with the vehicle, he now follows the car every day. He is not only familiar with the business process but also familiar with the vehicle. Listening to the fake, seeing is believing, pro calendar to help him become more familiar with and into the industry, with the car more difficult, he laughed: "down to earth, since the choice, do not regret, we must fully go."
      Never touched the truck, Liao Zhanwei in the choice of vehicles, is completely obey the advice of a friend, the company bought five Grand Canal N9 DYX12 430, his car is one of them. Considering comfort and versatility, they chose the N9 with an inline 6-cylinder engine from Weichai WP12 430E. This Weichai engine is proven in proven technology and is recognized as a cost-effective heavy truck engine in the industry. Choose a big brand, choose reliable products, for novices, is a very wise choice.

     As the saying goes, rely on their parents at home, go out to rely on friends, people battling outside, 99% rely on friends, the election of friends, with people, really important. Good friends can help themselves jumped to a higher level, the saying goes: a fence three piles, a hero three help. To do things, really rely on friends, of course, they have to pay 100%, for which, Liao Zhanwei must have a profound insight, friends take him into account, give him the opportunity, his own efforts to pay, to live up to the wishes of friends, but also For the future of their own hard work, how much to pay much, this world, for ordinary people, really did not sit back and relax.

      Follow friends into the logistics industry, along with friends to buy Grand Canal heavy truck, the wind and rain, the same boat together, this should be "brother together, work together off the money," the best interpretation. Doing things is the life, friends make friends, pay attention to the most important, Liao Zhanwei and friends really belong to a sincere and heartfelt friend, it is precisely because of this, he will obey a friend's advice into the logistics industry.

      A few months later, he seems to have become a half-old driver, and the driver to exchange vehicle topics, no longer a white Ding. Grand Yun DYX12 430 the main components and simple maintenance, he is also very familiar with, as he said: This industry is a protracted war, who boil down, who won.
      Industry is in the doldrums, in which, who are not insisting, which is not waiting for the torment of the dawn, in addition to working harder, no choice.
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