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Huang Quan-ming: Dayun N9, Call for the dream
Release time:2018-01-02 Views:867
      Guangdong and Guangxi have been one like forever. However, although they both have a long coastline, it is clear from the economic point of view that Guangdong is far ahead. Because of the distance, a lot of Guangxi people take Guangdong as their option to work in . Nansha Port in Guangzhou, there are a lot of old drivers from Guangxi, they work hard to gain wealth for the family, for the development of the port .

      Huang Quanming has the standard appearance of Guangxi people, highcheekbones , thin, accent mixed with a little Guangxi Mandarin. Here to come as a container truck driver for many years, his whole family live here, including the children , his hometown Guiping, Guangxi sounds close, but from the perspective of work and life, it is so far away. "Home, mainly the relationship, where the money, not we can make." Speaking of hometown, close at hand, but it is difficult to go back, and most people wandering outside, Huang Quanming's feelings to his hometown is also hard to tell.

      12 years, a reincarnation, the dream finally came true
      Guangzhou Nansha Port Area, a road cannot be more familiar with, to drive here, for Huang Quanming, this year is the twelfth year, a reincarnation is to continue the past or a gesture to meet a new self, not only in front of Huang Quanming is a problem , In front of each of us is a problem, choosing always serves as a problem for each one, the left is good, or the right is good, often a lot of time we will stand in the middle of looking around, embarrassed.

      Buy a truck! Work hard, 2018 began fighting for their dreams! Huang Quanming considered for a long time, plan and plan, determined to buy their own car. After all, all the business processes are familiar with the company also supports his own car, the old car driver, one based on past experience in driving, the second is from their own economic conditions, we must choose a reasonable configuration to meet their own pulling conditions Model, after repeated consideration, Huang Quanming set a DayunN9.

      Select Dayun heavy truck, from Huang Quan-ming's point of view, there are three points: First,I had driven Dayun truck before, whose easy control and comfort impressed me; Second, there is Dayun truck’s service station in the port, just a few minutes’ drive from goods yard, therefore it is very convenient to deal with things ; Third, Dayun heavy truck provides good financial services, can help them extend the loan for three months. The car is good, the service station is near, the financial policy is close to one's heart, it can help him to relieve the financial pressure effectively. In this way, he did not hesitate and ordered the Dayun heavy truck.
      "It is December, it is estimated that next month can be on the card, next Spring Festival time late, after the card, I can run for almost a month to make some money New Year. Moreover, the high tariffs years ago, you can catch a wave of market. A year, there will be a month of the off-season, the loan is delayed for three months, I will not have so much pressure, after next March, the off-season in the past, everything is fine. "Talk about financial policies and industry rules, Huang Quanming indeed Analysis of very detailed, combined with industry trends and Dayun heavy truck caring financial policy, his work for the arrival of a new car has been arranged seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight.
      Pre-sale and after-sale, both can not be bad
      Nansha Port, the older drivers choose Universiade, most of them are fancy Dayun truck cost and after-sales service, in recent years, more and more heavy truck within the port area, yard, Longxue Avenue, everywhere can be seen large Carry weight card beautiful figure, see much, naturally familiar with will have a kind of intimacy. And a few years ago, Dayunbegan heavy truck was onlookers compared to the current Dayun truck, has become a very important here, a landscape. Huang Quan-ming, such as the old driver selected Dayunheavy truck, are considered after rational choice, not blind and temporary impulse.

      From Huang Quanming body, we can easily see that the current customer requirements for the heavy truck industry is getting higher and higher. Homogenization of serious models, the manufacturers have their own models have unique highlights, but to really win the trust and choice of customers, we must make efforts in pre-sales and after-sales service. Take the Dayun truck sales, in addition to providing users with professional consulting services, but also spent a lot of material and financial resources to help customers fight for a mortgage discount can be delayed for three months, this is a real intimate service. After-sale service station, built in front of the depot in front of the gas station eye-catching location, as long as the car is entering the port area, we can see the red Dayun heavy truck signs.

      Pre-service warm caring for the sake of users, convenient and timely after-sales, Dayun heavy truck in Nansha port, won many old drivers focused, not groundless, step by step to win the user's respect. For the Dayunheavy truck service, Huang Quanming high rating: complete accessories, warm service, will be for our sake, help us to reduce the burden. Can get such a high rating of the old driver, indicating that the Dayunheavy truck service has enjoyed popular support and become an important weapon to win the market.
      Opened here for 12 years car, and now finally to usher in his first car, this feeling, like to welcome a child's arrival. Waiting for the time on the card, Huang Quang-ming resigned from the previous work, every five short five Dayunservice station to see the progress of the new year is coming, for a new attitude more positive life, calling for a dream, nice.
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