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Dayun Truck helped me identify with my truck driver career in six years
Release time:2017-11-01 Views:897
      The taste of durian, people who love it can not extricate themselves, people who hate it take it as devil,  it is difficult to find something that is more controversial than durian , it is also difficult to find something that is more interesting fruit than it.
      When compare truck driver to durian, you may think it is a bit strange, but the two do have some similarities. On the surface, they are out of shape and not even meet the general public's demand for beauty; however, when they are stripped of the sturdy skin ,like the durian, the truck driver has a soft heart and a charming story.
      As a truck driver who lives on transporting durian, Yu Jiewu's story is even more colorful.
      driving a truck for a better life
      Some people say that there are three happy things in life, one is to find the person you love , the second is to find a group of like-minded friends, the third is to find a favorite job. Doing a job either is for hobby,or is for being forced by livelihoods, unfortunately, Yu Jiewu is for the later one. In order to support his family, he traveled several cities and worked for several companies before eventually becoming a truck driver at a logistics company in Shenzhen. Did not hit doomed, there is no fate up and down, it has been 6 years.

      Yu Jiewu (was)born in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, a city with a rich historical atmosphere. Influenced by the Jing Chu culture, Jie Wu has the character dare to break. He told reporters that he did not get much education and drop out of junior high school before got graduated. It was 1990s, Yu Jiewu, who left school, came to Guangdong along with his elders. Because less than 18 years old, he could only get a job in a hotel, and then removed in several factories, but each failed to persevere.

      Because sick of the boring life in the factory, Yu Jiewu decided to make anther living , after many inquiries and inspections, he started a fruit business. "The first thing I thought was working in the factory did not make any money, and it was too boring to repeat doing the same thing every day. Coupled with having children, I wanted to go through a different way." It was also because of the fruit business, Yu Jie-wu's life started to connect with trucks, although there was nosparkimmediately collided , but still opened the fate.
      Talking about why decided to be a truck driver , Yujie Wu said that in 2011 his own fruit shop faces demolition, had wanted to go to another store to continue, but he couldn’t find a suitable place. Later in the chat with the delivery of the truck driver he found that the truck can make a profit, he tried his best to get the driver's license , then became a truck driver.
      Dayuntruckhelps me change
      Jie Wu worked in independent port logistics at the beginning, buthe did not have many channels, his business didn’t go well. After earning his own truck cost , he got a job in a logistics company in Shenzhen and became a full-time long-haul driver. "A man can not make a lot of money driving a truck, but also have to worry about everything. Although his working time was flexible, but he felt powerless. After earning my own truck cost , I put the truck to sell, came to the current logistics company, and now It's been 3 years. "
      His has not driven trucks for a long time, in addition to the truck sold by himself, Jie Wu has only driven a few types of trucks in his logistics company , of which the deepest feelings with him, get along with the longest now is this Dayun heavy truck .
      "Dayun truck,run the world," Jie Wu said that out in the interview, and he and Dayun heavy truck story also because of this ad. Three years ago, he came to the current logistics company, saw the yard stopped a few Dayun heavy truck, he first thought of is this ad. Although interested in Dayun heavy truck, but he was assigned to another brand .
      Later, due to the adjustment of transportation routes, Yu Jiewu has been driving the present Dayun truck since 2016 and the transportation route changed from Shenzhen to Chengdu to from Shenzhen  to Zhengzhounow. If you say that driving a truck is forced by life, then the fate of Dayun heavy truck is destined for Jie Wu.

      "When I first drove the Dayun truck, I was a bit reluctant because I have not driven it before, and the brand is rare in the South. Time-consuming could kill the cold chain logistics, so I was worried about anything happened on my way."
      Facts have proved that the worry in Jie Wu is superfluous. He told reporters that he has never had any problems with the Dahyun heavy truck for a year and a half, and the quality is very guaranteed. In addition, fuel consumption is unexpected surprises.
      Yu Jiewu said that when transporting durian is full loaded of 40 tons, Zhengzhou to Shenzhen is more than 3400 kilometers back and forth, the total fuel consumption is about 1200 liters, an averagefuel consumption of 100 kilometersis less than 37 liters, the company standard is 100 kilometers 40 liters, That means he can save 36 liters of oil back and forth , and now the price of diesel is 5.8 yuan / liter, he can save more than 200 yuan, and the money is equivalent to their own bonuses. " I drove to Sichuan, the best I could do was 100 liters fuel consumption is still 38 liters ,fuel consumption of the car can be so low, really a big surprise.
      Durian , something you would fall in after eating three times. For Jie Wu, the identity of truck drivers took three years to accept, and spent another three years to love. Time makes people think specious. Yu Jiewu, who has been insisting on the position as a truck driver for six years, will continue to go on with Dayun as his horse and makesupporting family as his dream.

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