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The Introduction to Customer Service Center (24--hour hotline): 

Dear customer:

Hello! Dayun automobile call center is a link to promote communication and understanding between customers and our company. Please don't hesitate to call our national service hotline: 400-653-9898 or +8603592537313, if you need help, no matter when and where you are. We always adhere to the  customer-centric priciple, advocating the service philosophy--Dayun Care is Everywhere.We will provide the sincere and high quality service all the year round--365 days for our clients. 

Main service items are as follows: 

一、Full Pre-delivery Inspection(PDI)

1. The vehicle will be wholly checked by three procedures before leaving the factory.

2. The vehicle will be fully checked again when being handed over to the dealer.

3  To eliminate some potential safety hazards, the vehicle will also pass full pre-delivery inspection before delivering to end-users.

二、Quick Service Response

1."400--" hotline is in service at 24 hours in the whole week. 

2. Any visits, letters and calls which come from customers will be replied and solved in2 hours

3.The quality warranty and urgent spare parts will be tackled in 2 hours.

4.Time limit for solving the malfunction: 

Simple ones--2 hours;  General problems--24 hours; 

Big problem--72 hours; Special cases, discussing with clients in terms of agreement.

三、Considerate cares for customer

1. Lifelong free technical consulting and training services;

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