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Beijing International New Energy Auto Show DayunMotorFull Range of Pure Electric Products Debut
Release time:2018-07-17 Views:567

      July 13-15, 2018 "the 14th Beijing International New Energy Vehicle and Charging Station (Pile) Facilities Exhibition(IEVE-BJ)" was held as scheduled at Beijing-China International Exhibition Center. The exhibition area of this exhibition exceeded 40,000 square meters for the first time, and set up six functions of passenger car exhibition area, commercial vehicle logistics truck exhibition area, core parts display area, charging and changing exhibition area, demonstration and promotion of urban exchange area, and test drive experience area. The exhibition activities are varied, including the opening ceremony of the exhibition, summit forum, theme conference, awards dinner, hot issues salon, electric vehicle industry development seminar, electric vehicle academic conference, battery, motor, charging station construction seminar, etc. Demonstrate the latest achievements in the development of new energy vehicles. New technologies, new products, new formats and new models are unveiled, symbolizing that China is moving toward a new energy vehicle country.

      Dayunwith pure electric tractors, pure electric refrigerated trucks and two pure electric vans, a total of four pure electric products were unveiled at the show. This means that Dayun motor has realized high, medium and low full range and full coverage in the design of pure electric new energy products, and promoted the development of China's heavy trucks towards energy and green. The pure electric products of Dayun Automobile are of high quality and reliable. Excellent performance in terms of safety, energy consumption, intelligence, and economy will surely drive China's heavy trucks to push up in the direction of new energy.

      The depletion of the world's traditional energy sources and high fuel costs have promoted the rise of green industries. At the same time, the rejuvenation of heavy truck users and the segmentation of heavy truck market have brought a series of changes to the logistics and transportation industry. Dayun introduced new pure electric tractors, pure electric refrigerated trucks and two pure electric vans to the market. There are four products, which are connected with the market and user needs to achieve both product value and user value.
      Dayun Pure Electric Tractor is integrated with well-known heavy truck parts at domestic and abroad. It is the first brand in China that has approved and obtained the announcement of pure electric heavy truck tractor. From the appearance of this product, it continues the design style of the Dayun tractor, with a variety of different body colors such as fashion white, technology blue and red flame, with a streamlined simple shape, coupled with the vehicle shape, the sense of metal, the young generation of heavy-duty truck drivers to provide the value of the burst of fashion, the operation of the tools, to meet the new transportation requirements of modern logistics transport. In terms of body size, the 6×4 pure electric tractors exhibited a length, width and height of 7455×2500×3515 (mm) and a wheelbase of 3800+1350 (mm). In terms of power, the rated power of the motor is 250kw, the maximum torque of the motor is 3500N.m, and it is equipped with ABS, electric rearview mirror, electric glass lifter and other safe and intelligent configuration. It adopts EMT gearbox and has no clutch pedal. It is easy to operate. Give the driver a good ride. Dayun pure electric tractor combines intelligence, safety, quality, fuel economy and comfort into one, opening a new era of new energy pure electric heavy trucks.

      In recent years, with the rapid development of agricultural cold chain, fresh cold chain and pharmaceutical cold chain, fresh fruits, aquatic seafood and meat are required to be delivered to consumers through cold chain within 24 hours. Therefore, the effectiveness has become the core of the pursuit of cold chain enterprises. They are more demanding for transportation equipment with higher speed, high quality, high efficiency and high energy efficiency. Through market research, Dayun fully considers the working conditions of the cold chain transportation industry, and tailors the pure electric refrigerated trucks in line with the state announcement.
      1, size. The pure electric refrigerated truck exhibited is a 4×2 drive type with a container size of 4150×2000×1980mm. The whole vehicle adopts an integrated lightweight design from the chassis design to the cabinet design.
      2, the appearance. The appearance of this truck adopts the simple design of European style. It is painted and adopts the standard of truck paint. The paint process is the highest in the country, it does not fall off, and the corrosion resistance is stronger. It is worn for 10 years. The bumper is made of PE material. This material is non-toxic and meets environmental protection standards. At the same time, it uses its softness to effectively absorb part of the energy generated during impact, thus reducing the damage caused by the impact on the cab.
      3, the battery. Equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery fromNingde era, it has high temperature resistance and stability up to 400-500 °C at high temperature, ensuring the inherent high safety of the battery, without overcharge, over temperature, short circuit, impact explosion or combustion; battery can be recycled for energy storage, no pollution during production, no pollution during use, no emissions, in line with national environmental protection regulations; strong economy, large battery reserves, high cruising range, theoretical cycle life 1500~2000 Times, long cycle life; convenient charging, perfect charging pile infrastructure layout, convenient for customers to charge at any time, standard fast and slow charge, according to the running track of logistics vehicles, the vehicle can be recharged during parking and unloading, and the vehicle can be upgraded mileage.
      The pure electric refrigerated trucks have improved the five major indicators of economy, reliability, safety, comfort and light weight, and upgraded the user value with quality upgrades to create China's core competitiveness in the pure electric field.

      The other twotruck s exhibited by Dayun are pure electric vans, which still use the classic European minimalist style.
      1, the interior. It adopts multi-directional adjustment steering wheel and metal wire drawing center console. The cab is designed with warm light color and no glare at night. It is more convenient to design multiple cup holders and storage boxes. It has no oil smell in the cab. clean.
      2, the chassis. Adopting lightweight design, casting aluminum alloy gearbox body, 60-70% lighter than iron casting box, environmental protection, anti-embroidering, excellent thermal conductivity, easy to machine; chassis equipped with regenerative braking, braking in the vehicle or When the power is lower than the limit value, the acceleration baffle can be released, and the kinetic energy can be converted into electric energy and stored in the battery, which can effectively improve the driving safety, reduce the pressure of the traditional braking system, improve the driving range, and save energy consumption.
      3. Lightweight. The frame is made of high-strength steel material, the structural analysis of the torsion condition of the vehicle is carried out, and the lightweight design is carried out under the premise of ensuring the bearing capacity of the vehicle, and the operation is more reliable; the components of the power battery are arranged in the chassis space, not occupying the position of the cargo box, the whole vehicle the cargo load is guaranteed. The car also uses a lightweight design in the cabinet design. The car skin is made of FRP fiberglass skin, which has strong anti-aging properties, and can withstand normal concentrations of acid, alkali, salt, most organic solvents, etc. Special EPDM sealing strip with reasonable structure and good sealing performance.
      The Dayun pure electric van transport vehicle has been upgraded in terms of overall vehicle quality and comfort. It relies on lighter, more fuel-efficient, safer, more reliable and more comfortable performance enhancements. Its innovative character leads uncommon, and enhances market competitiveness.

      Confidence is gold and the key to lasting healthy development. As a rising star in China's commercial vehicle manufacturing industry, the development of Dayun is inseparable from the full support of dealers and users. Therefore, for a long time, Dayun has always been committed to meet the needs of users, to create high value-added products, enhance dealers' profit margins, boost dealer confidence; at the same time, high-quality, high-reliability, high-security, high-energy-saving heavy trucks help users to operate efficiently and enhance profitability, thus achieving a win-win situation for heavy truck companies, distributors and users, forming a benign interaction and creating the best business value.

      Guided by market demand, based on user needs. Adhering to the development concept of creating high reliability, high efficiency, intelligence and energy saving, Dayun Automobile has launched four new energy vehicles for pure electric tractors, pure electric refrigerated trucks and two pure electric vans to meet the future. The market demand for product quality upgrade; through the realization of product structure and level, the whole system is in place and comprehensive coverage, comprehensively enhance the profit space of dealers and users, continuously create new value and open up new profitable space.

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