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DAYUN Pure electric vehicles family add two “new members”-DAYUN pure electric refrigerated vehicle、pure electric garbage vehicle
Release time:2016-07-28 Views:915
      Recently, DAYUN pure electric refrigerated vehicle and garbage vehicle are developed successfully and launched into market, with the close cooperation between the product research and development department and other brother departments. Due to its splendid appearance level, noble temperament, good quality, it will necessarily be acclaimed in the new energy market.
      Good, everyone can look:
DAYUN pure electric refrigerated vehicle
DAYUN pure electric garbage vehicle
      Next, we will give an introduction to the functions of two “new members”
      Refrigerated vehicle is enclosed van truck, which is used to transport frozen or fresh goods. It is equipped with refrigeration unit compartments for refrigerated unit and heat insulation, which is commonly used to transport frozen food, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, vaccines, medical supplies, etc.
      The garbage vehicle, it goes without saying, is a special-purpose vehicle for municipal sanitation departments to transport all kinds of garbage.
      New energy pure electric refrigerated vehicle, garbage vehicle are produced with full dedication of DAYUN people and will be famous all over the world for their excellent quality and performance. 

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