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DAYUN New Energy Electric Vehicle Successfully Passed EMC Test
Release time:2016-06-23 Views:977
      On June 10th, DAYUN new energy electric vehicles passed the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test with satisfactory results
      The new energy electric vehicles must pass a lot of testing and debugging before entering the market to ensure product quality. Therefore, the related personnel of new energy electric vehicle project work are hard, perform all kinds of debugging and testing, analysis the advantages and problems. After the performance, function indicators of new energy electric vehicles have reached the normally value, there is still a very important process, that is there related EMC experiments to the vehicle which is stipulated by the government. Only passed the test, a truck can be called a qualified product.
      What is the EMC? Why it is so important!
      Electromagnetic compatibility refers to the ability of electric equipment to work normally under the electromagnetic environment. The electromagnetic interference is a kind of electromagnetic change phenomenon which is harmful to the performance of electronic devices. As of today, our automotive products, especially the new energy electronic vehicles are more and more electronic devices. Battery, motor, electric control equipment is the core components to ensure new energy electric vehicles work properly to achieve its value, but they are susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Just imagine: if you are driving a vehicle on the street, the vehicle suddenly lost control due to electromagnetic interference, and the operating system was out of order, how horrible matter it is. So, the importance of EMC is self-evident.
      Our company has invested a lot of time, manpower and material resources on the EMC pilot project, committing to manufacturing environmental-friendly and safe new energy electric vehicle to eliminate any hidden dangers. Especially batteries, motors, electronic control equipment quality are particularly important. Bearing the society’s hope, through the consistent hard working, our company finally completed the project successfully.

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