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DAYUN TRUCK has developed the GPS terminal with the function of anti-dismantle and vehicle-locking
Release time:2016-05-23 Views:828
      Recently, the electrical room of NO.1 product research and development department accomplishes the vehicle satellite positioning terminal lock vehicle and tamper test through the close cooperation with the vehicle-test workshop, the terminal can record and store the travel speed, time, mileage, location and other related vehicles state information, and achieve to data output through data communication. It has the characteristics of communication with the outside world and can achieve the vehicle and the rear platform real-time docking. It is believed that the vehicle satellite positioning terminal with these functions can provide security better for financial leasing business of our company and the dealer.
      The terminal has the following features: 1, simple design: comply with SAE J1939 protocol to achieve lock vehicle activation and shutdown remotely;2, activate the protection function: activation and shut down for lock vehicle function are required password verification;3, tamper protection: each time the key power has dynamic password verification, check failure , the engine speed will be limited to idle speed; 4, double lock: limit the speed to a fixed value or limit the engine to start; 5, Security protection: speed will be taken effect, which is limited in the next start and has an emergency start function to prevent the vehicle to be parked in an unsafe place; 6, anti-replacement protection: the terminal and the engine are bind one by one, not interchangeable.

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