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The Product Research and Development Department has Developed the Rear Wall Air Deflector for the Cab of N8&N9 Series Trucks
Release time:2016-05-23 Views:819
      With the rising of the logistics industry, there are more and more van tractor trailer which is higher than the cab in order to meet the market changes and the implementation of the limited width of the regulations, The Product Research and Development Department decided to re-develop a rear wall air deflector. The newly developed air deflector is required to match the N8&N9 series trucks, and its height is adjusted with the container  towed. 
      The development of this diversion cover began in mid-October, and a total of three CFD (Note 1) analyzes were made to correct CAS (Note 2). The first round is provided by the body department with three different design methods, CAE (Note 3) department for CFD analysis and verification, and ultimately results of the joint assessment to determine the optimal program for the design of the diversion cover. The second round is based on the first round and optimized a better solution, then CFD analysis, obtain the optimal change trends of shroud roof angle, side panel eccentricity and other design parameters, then the body department fine-tune CAS according to these trends, then conduct the third round CFD analysis of adjusted model.
However, the three rounds CFD analysis is only a small part of the entire product development process, which is used to determine the reasonable CAS. Structure analysis is performed after its specific structure, the form of stent layout are determined. Structure analysis is not a simple work, since the wind resistance is very large when the tractor is driving at high speed, structure analysis not only need to make sure that the diversion cover will not collapse under the high-speed conditions, but also ensure that its bracket will not tear the cab.
      The development process of this diversion cover is a typical modern design process. In the traditional design process, each round of the model need sample product, and assemble it on the real car to do the wind tunnel test. But in the modern design process with CAE, the virtual tunnel test can be carried out by computer, greatly saving cost of sample production, greatly shortening the product R&D cycle, making great changes for the product design process. In this way, we will be able to carry out multi-round analysis and verification in order to ensure higher quality products before the samples production. Surely, more hands make light work, research and development of a new product need all departments and departments work together, then the quality of our DAYUN products flourishing.
      Note: 1, CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics (acoustics) acronym to high-performance computer tools, simulation analysis to solve the practical problems involved in the fluid, heavy truck in the application of the main vehicle aerodynamic analysis, engine compartment Thermal management, defrost-defogging, air conditioning comfort analysis.
      2、CAS (Computer Aided Styling), that is, computer-aided modeling. CAS surface is in the shape of the early effects of the map out, first in the computer with three-dimensional software to do a preliminary three-dimensional modeling surface out for pre-assessment, modeling refinement, as well as the overall layout and a variety of preliminary feasibility analysis.
      3, CAE: Computer Aided Engineering (computer aided engineering) abbreviation, refers to the use of computer-aided analysis of complex engineering and product structure of mechanical properties, as well as optimize the structural performance and other technologies, CAE department  is responsible for the relevant analysis  in  our  company  which in the the Product Research and Development Department

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