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N8V 8×4 Electric Dumper(Charging & Battery Pack Replacing)

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  • The electric vehicle is equipped with CATL/EVE power batteries,  LVKON/CNEV/SANTROLL electric motor and Automated Manual Transmission. With high starting torque, efficient electric motor and long range, this dumper can be applied with short haulage such as mine and muck.

  • Performance Introduction:

    Quality: Compared with other competitive products, N8C electric tractor head is head of them in range, climbing ability and water resistance. This tractor meets market demands, no short circuit and leakage when driving on waterlogged or dusty roads.

          Safety: The following key signal states are monitored throughout the whole process to ensure the safety of the driver and the vehicle high-voltage: Insulation monitoring, grounding protection, short circuit protection, motor torque, motor temperature, battery temperature, etc.

    Comfort: Your comfortable driving experience is guaranteed by AMT transmission, high-quality leather ventilated airbag seats, electric doors and Windows, and electric mirrors.

    Quick charge: Double-gun DC charging greatly reduces the charging time and high-power DC charging pile is optional.

    Electric efficiency: Braking energy recovery, optimal motor efficiency zone, full-vehicle tests, these functions improve the vehicle range, achieving the best energy saving effect in the industry.

    Zero-emission: In the process of driving, there is no exhaust emission, which can effectively improve air quality and create a green traffic environment.

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