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Passenger Vehicle

Yuanzhi M1

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  • Yuanzhi M1 has a size of L*W*H of 4850mm*1860mm*1780mm, a 2880mm wheelbase and a 2+2+3 theater-style seating layout. Such layout gives every passenger a comfortable space. You can trust Yuanzhi M1 and handle complex road conditions, with a ground clearance of 160mm, front MacPherson independent suspension and rear multi-link independent suspension and ADAS automatic driving assistance system, which enables the car to analyze the road conditions and surroundings in real time.

    As for appearance, the front crystal diamond LED headlights and LED taillights enhance penetrating lighting and deliver a safe travel. 17-inch double five-spoke, two-color diamond-cut rims, bring a mirrored silver high-gloss chrome-plated metallic luster. The waistline and belly line emphasize a sense of dominance, exuding nobility in a low-key manner. The M1 is available in three colors: Starry Black, Teal and Seashell White.

  • More Intelligent-Remote Control by Your Phone

    Dayun Smartlink APP,Remote Control of lock, windows, trunk, air conditioner and etc. Electronic Fence, auto-alarm when out of area set.

    More Range- Supreme Capacity

    Fast charging to 80% SOC in 36 minutes,90.58 kWh battery energy, measured range of more than 550km.

    More Reassuring- Water-proof Charger

    European level of water-proof charger guarantees no electric leakage during snowy or rainy days.

    More Professional-Pure Electric Chassis

    Exclusive pure electric vehicle chassis, the first high-end MPV in China based on the pure electric platform with better NVH.

    More Comfortable-Airline Seat

    Airline-class seats bring first-class comfort to you.

    More Secure-Anti-Collision Warning

    ADAS driving assistance system to effectively detect obstacles ahead to prevent causing tailgating and reduce safety accidents.

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