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  • Yuehu adopts 31.7kWh ternary lithium battery, with a comprehensive range of 330km (in CLTC working condition). Positioned as a small SUV with rounded shape and fresh and lovely appearance, its body size is 3695mm long, 1685mm wide and 1598mm high with a wheelbase of 2410mm, ensuring you have maximum internal space with the same outline size. A minimum ground clearance of 201mm allows you to enjoy freely shuttling in the city.

    The combination of LED headlights and LED tail lights is full of technological feeling and has stronger penetration at night and in rainy and foggy days, which greatly enhances your driving safety. Yuehu is available in five colors: Ivory White, Pale Green, MistyRose Pink, Teal and Dark Red to meet your aesthetic needs.

  • More Chic——Stylish Design

    Minimalist technology style, simple and clear shape, complemented by aluminum alloy wheels, high brake lights and sharp LED lighting system, form a futuristic front look, showing a sense of technology.

    More Intelligent——Remote Control

    Dayun SmartLink APP remotely controls the car lock, windows, air conditioner, and enables to start without entry. Electronic fence equipped, when the vehicle travels outside the set area, it will automatically alarm to trace the car.

    More Safe——Cage body

    High-strength steel build cage body, front and rear MacPherson independent suspension, pure electric exclusive chassis, power battery protection design, front and rear dual disc brakes, powerful braking. These ensure and strong brake timely avoidance.

    More Comfortable

    8-inch LCD display, multi-function steering wheel, enjoy your ride during commuting.

    More Reliable——Multifunctional booster system

    Electronic shift knob, EPS, electronic handbrake provide with comfortable operation.

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