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Autoplead dump truck(Yunnei)


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  •     Yunnei Dump Series combines the traditional technical advantages of Dayun dump trucks,upgrades the chassis configuration in an all-round way, equipped with Yunnei classical engineering version engine,optimizes the power transmission system, loading system, frame and driving axle of the whole truck. It is widely used in urban construction, engineering construction, mining stripping, port transportation and other conditions.

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  •     Large space, wide sleeper, comfortable driving. Semi-surround, streamlined, generous and beautiful European style workbench, advanced power clutch system, driving more relaxed, standard power steering, flexible and portable operation, the central control lock and power window improve driving comfort.

  • Engine
     Equipped with classical Yunnei series engine, it has high reliability, low emission, fuel-saving, economic, low noise, strong power, and meets the power demand of engineering vehicles.
    Super strong loading capacity, thickening bolts which make it capable of carrying more. Double straight through frame, heavy pressure without deformation. The bottom of the cargo box is designed with four longitudinal beams. The longitudinal beam and the cross beam are reinforced by triangular reinforcement, which is durable. Power steering, exhaust brake, four circuit protection valve, pneumatic brake make driving comfortable and safe.

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