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Light trucks series

Autoplead cargo truck(Cummins)


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        Cummins series are high-end logistics products which are made by Dayun with top domestic and foreign suppliers. They are mainly used for daily industrial products, express delivery, cold chain, light throw logistics transportation. The products are luxurious, comfortable, intelligent, reliable, and efficient.    

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  • Cabin:
    Streamline body design, with spacious driving space, wide field of vision and driving smoothness.
    Adjustable steering wheel:
    The steering column of the steering wheel can be adjusted in front and back, up and down, so as to meet the needs of different types of drivers.


     Integrating the leading technology of high-end light trucks to meet the needs of urban high-efficiency logistics users: Cummins ISF Super Energy Reliable Power.
    ★Fast transmission global top supplier system, gearbox transmission efficiency is higher, meet the predictive driving needs, reduce shifting in complex road conditions, ensure the reduction of fuel consumption, helical gear transmission, large overlap coefficient, transmission process impact is small, noise indicators are stricter than national standards.
    Aluminum alloy fuel tank
    Improve the cleanliness of fuel, meet the requirements of the national V engine, meanwhile it is beautiful and generous.

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