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Autoplead cargo truck(Jiangxi Isuzu)


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     The Jiangxi Isuzu series truck is the city's high-efficiency logistics vehicle. It carries the upgrading power JE493ZLQ5 engine, which is based on Jiangxi Isuzu's high-pressure common rail diesel engine transformation. The model meets the Euro V emission standard, and the technology is mature and reliable. The displacement is 2.771L. The maximum output power is 115 horsepower and the maximum torque is 285N.m.       

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  • Cabin:
    The cabin inherits strong,grand and safe features from Europe. It adopts streamlined design with dynamic and smooth style, wide driving space,car interior trim, bran-new instrument dashboard, adjustable steering wheel.
    The body has integral steel frame structure with strong performance of anti-impact and anti-external force oppression.

  • High reliability

     The Jiangxi Isuzu engine is upgraded based on previous model. With the maximum power output 115ps and maximum torque 285N.m, the truck has very strong 

    gradeability and acceleration ability.

    The engine passed the high temperature and extremely cold test standard which makes it suitable for different using environment.
    High energy saving
    Modular design, new materials and new technologies are applied in an all-round way with light weight.
    The advanced turbo-charged intercooled air intake system and high pressure common rail fuel system make the products meet the Euro V emission standard.
    High loading capacity
    High strength special steel +CAE optimization analysis enhance the loading capacity of the vehicle and can meet the demand under any extreme working conditions.
    The leaf spring has been widened and thickened to increase the bearing capacity, and also has good empty-load smoothness and full-load stability.

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