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N8V series 6X4 sandstone-transporting truck


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  • N8V series 6X4 sandstone-transporting truck is a competitive product developed by the cooperation of Dayun ‘s machinery-truck-developing team with vehicle-reforming companies. This truck of this model employs more than 10 new technologies and covers the power from 350HP to 375HP, which is so reliable and easily handled that can satisfy various need of transporting sandstone in urban construction. It is mainly used for transporting sandstone, coal, mineral, and construction material.

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  • The overall style of the cab:
    The overall style is simple, elegant, gives the soul of calm, to create a sense of comfort, center console and the floor with dark, different color contrast enhanced cab spacious visual atmosphere.
    Airbag seats
    The use of headrest integrated air damping seat, according to their own needs to adjust, greatly reduce the driver's long-distance driving fatigue.
    Semi - automatic air conditioner
    The temperature and humidity can vary automatically according to the setting.
    Top sunroof
    Speed up the air flow inside the cab, improve the car environment, conducive to physical and mental health.
    Control console
    Using S-shaped surface, to create a sense of overhead. Semi-package instrument design makes the driver more convenient control, surrounded by a sense of stronger, more sense of security; great sense of science and technology touch large screen, key control accurately, clear, the driver can easily operate the functions of the vehicle.

  • U shape lorry box:High-strength steel production, light weight, long life, improve transport efficiency; loading and unloading efficient.
    Cabin: Using black and yellow and thick sturdy grille before the face, far and near the light design, enhance the lighting effect, steel bumper safe and reliable, dynamic fashion.
    Wei Chai Engine: Standard "Meishun" cylinder brake, brake power greater, more secure driving; the use of 750mm diameter fan and flexible wind ring, to enhance the cooling capacity and improve vehicle economy and reliability; vehicle comfort Well, the reliability of parts is high.
    Fast gearbox: The specially-developed 12-gear series transmission, with long distance from gears to central shaft, has the advantages of superior reliability, best stability and highest transmission efficiency. After the gears being optimized, the truck has better climbing capacity an d even more fuel-economic.
    Axle: Heavy load, universal, standardized, maintenance-free wheel axle, long life, maintain a large amount of accessories easy to purchase, easy maintenance. 13/16 tons of Mercedes-Benz technology after the bridge, carrying capacity, quality and more reliable.
    Frame : The use of simulation analysis and electrical measurement technology, the use of high-strength steel, the most domestic high-strength steel, the use of high-strength steel, the use of high-strength steel, Advanced, the highest tonnage of the three-dimensional CNC punching production line, so that a stamping machine, the strength increased by 50%, low failure rate, anti-rollover ability.
    Sealing strip: Double seal design, excellent cab sealing, the effective isolation of external noise and dust, the cab with sound insulation materials and noise reduction design, the body floor laying PVC + polyurethane foam carpet, the basic thickness of 20mm, further sound insulation, idling The internal noise is within 60dB.
    Wiring harness :Vehicle wiring harness full floating design, enhance vehicle cleanliness and wiring harness reliability; harness temperature from 85 degrees to 120 degrees, the vehicle reliability is high.
    Electric flip :Electric control cab lift, vehicle inspection and maintenance time and effort.

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