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Cargo Truck

N6 series cargo truck

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  • N6H series 4×2 truck is an economical, fuel-saving, comfortable and reliable lightweight truck model created by Dayu Company with top design software and first-class accessories resources in the industry. The product covers the horsepower segment of 160 ~ 245, mainly used for daily industrial products, light goods and other transportation.

  • Cab: integrating classical culture and modern science and technology elements of the shape design, rigid and soft, bright lines, dynamic strong, the shape of the aerodynamic analysis and design, low wind resistance, good economic effect.

    Engine: Weichai series engines are more fuel-efficient and have better performance on the same platform. Their good acceleration, reliability, economy and power performance reduce the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle by 3-5% on average.

    Gearbox: standard fast gearbox, reliable products, stable quality, high cost performance, low failure rate, reduce maintenance costs.

    Rear axle: THE axle is manufactured by famous domestic manufacturers with excellent quality, mature technology, reliable performance and strong bearing capacity.

    Frame: The use of high strength material stamping molding, shot blasting treatment, high precision, no deformation, greatly improve the frame anti-fatigue, anti-rust, anti-corrosion ability, effectively improve the frame strength.

         Flip mechanism: electric hand pressure lift pump, cab lift flip flip more convenient, easy and humanized, cab flip Angle up to 55°, vehicle inspection and maintenance.

    Lightweight design: the vehicle is made of new lightweight materials to ensure the load while minimizing the dead weight. The chassis has light deadweight and high designed deadweight tonnage, which reduces fuel consumption at the same load. At the same time, more able to DORA goods, to ensure high returns.

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