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N8V series 8x4 dump truck

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  •        N8V matching Weichai engine, fuel power covering 350 ~ 500ps, to meet different market needs; It adopts the matching mode of high horsepower, high speed ratio and direct transmission to improve the power and economy of the whole vehicle.

  •      Weichai Engine

         Standard "Youshun" cylinder brake, more braking power, safer driving; A large fan with a diameter of 750mm and a flexible wind shield are adopted to enhance cooling capacity and improve the economy and reliability of the vehicle. The front and rear suspension of the powertrain adopts wedge support, and the rear suspension is fixed on the clutch housing to improve the comprehensive vibration isolation rate, improve the comfort of the whole vehicle and the reliability of parts.

        Transmission gear box

        Faist for engineering transportation, mining operations and other complex use of the special research and development of the 10-speed and 12-speed large center distance series transmission, the strongest reliability, the best stability, the highest transmission efficiency, the life of other brands of gearbox 2-3 times longer. Through the optimization design of the gearbox gear, the vehicle can have stronger heavy-duty climbing ability and be more fuel-saving and efficient.

        Vehicle axle

        High bearing, universal, standardized, maintenancy-free hub axle, long service life, large quantity, easy purchase of accessories, easy maintenance. 13/16 ton double-stage deceleration bridge, strong bearing capacity, more reliable quality.

       Suspension system

       The optimized design of the whole vehicle suspension system reduces the center of gravity of the vehicle, greatly improves the stability of heavy-duty vehicles and improves the safety of vehicle operations. The fatigue life of the leaf spring is more than 100,000 times, and the bearing capacity is strong.

      Frame of vehicle

       The high strength frame with reduced center of gravity, through the international leading finite element CAE analysis, the new structure frame, the whole vehicle center of gravity is low, the bearing capacity is stronger, the driving is safer.

      Four riding bolt

      Standard equipped with enhanced four riding bolts and high strength riding bolt seat, further improve the stability of dump truck suspension, stronger bearing capacity.

       Steel ring

      The standard 16mm steel ring improves the carrying capacity of the vehicle, effectively prevents the deformation of the steel ring and other faults, improves the consistency of manufacturing, and ensures the safety of vehicle operation.

        Safety of braking

        The engine assisted braking system, double circuit air brake drum braking system, AbS anti-lock braking system and high friction coefficient brake shoes are adopted to improve the braking safety of the long slope with high braking power.


       The maximum hand force of turning in place is less than or equal to 30N, the maximum hand force of turning in driving is less than or equal to 30N, the steering is more flexible, the operation is more convenient, the gear and shift force is less than or equal to 40N, and the operation stability is high.

       Tightness of air

        Double seal design, cab sealing is excellent, effectively isolate external noise and dust; The cab adopts sound insulation material and noise reduction design, the body floor is laid with PVC+ polyurethane foam material carpet, the basic material thickness of 20mm, further sound insulation and heat insulation, idle internal noise within 60 decibel.

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