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N8V series 6x4 dump truck

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  • Dayun N8V-6×4 muck truck product is a high-quality model jointly created by Dayun "engineering vehicle" R & D team and professional committee reform unit, positioning in the engineering muck market, 5.6-6.8 meters long car, from chassis to top, with more than 10 new technologies, the product can meet the requirements of urban muck transportation, reliable quality, fast service, fuel saving, environmental protection, intelligent, safe.

  • Dynamic power matching

    N8V matching Weichai engine, fuel power covers 350 ~ 430ps, gas power covers 350 ~ 460ps, to meet different market needs; It adopts the matching mode of high horsepower, high speed ratio and direct transmission to improve the power and economy of the whole vehicle.

    Weichai Engine

    Standard "Youshun" cylinder brake, more braking power, safer driving; A large fan with a diameter of 750mm and a flexible wind shield are adopted to enhance cooling capacity and improve the economy and reliability of the vehicle. The front and rear suspension of the powertrain adopts wedge support, and the rear suspension is fixed on the clutch housing to improve the comprehensive vibration isolation rate, improve the comfort of the whole vehicle and the reliability of parts.

    Transmission gear box

    Faist for engineering transportation, mining operations and other complex use of the special research and development of the 10-speed and 12-speed large center distance series transmission, the strongest reliability, the best stability, the highest transmission efficiency, the life of other brands of gearbox 2-3 times longer. Through the optimization design of the gearbox gear, the vehicle can have stronger heavy-duty climbing ability and be more fuel-saving and efficient.

    Tightness of air

    Double seal design, cab sealing is excellent, effectively isolate external noise and dust; The cab adopts sound insulation material and noise reduction design, and the body floor is laid with PVC+ polyurethane foam material carpet, which has good sound insulation and heat insulation effect. The internal noise is within 60 decibel at idle speed.

    Wire harness

    The whole vehicle harness fully floating design, improve the cleanliness of the vehicle and the reliability of the pipeline harness; The wire harness is changed from Japanese standard cross-linked thin leather wire to German standard cross-linked thin leather wire, and the temperature resistance is increased from 85 degrees to 120 degrees. The bellows are super-flat flame retardant bellows, which improves the reliability of the whole vehicle.

    Vehicle axle

    16 tons rear axle of Mercedes-Benz technology, high serialization, universality and standardization, strong bearing capacity and high service life; Large quantity, easy purchase of parts, easy maintenance.

    Four point suspension

    Buffer cab impact, improve cab lateral stability, improve comfort.

    U-shaped container

    The container adopts U-shaped design, high strength steel, light weight, long life, improve transportation efficiency; No transverse rib side plate to prevent cargo residue, more efficient unloading.

    Intelligent control operation

    Electric roof sealing system, intelligent control; The rear door is equipped with sealing strip, the sealing effect is good, and there is no spillage during transportation; Side protection and rear protection device to meet the requirements of laws and regulations, beautiful and safe.

    Front face shape

    The front face of the armored chrome grille is integrated into the traditional Chinese culture, and the shape is like the wraparound Angle guide plate design. The shape is tough and the sense of movement is strong, which makes the vehicle more tense and highlights the dignity and safety.


    Clear structure, sharp shape, with daytime running lights, far and near lights are designed separately, improve the lighting effect, according to the vehicle driving conditions to adjust the near light distance, driving more safe.

    Electric rearview mirror

    With electric heating function, can defrost and defog; Electric quickly adjust the rearview mirror to the best viewing Angle, convenient driving; Integrated appearance design, improve the vehicle grade.

    Fully automatic air conditioner

    High power heating and cooling integrated, according to the setting of the active adjustment of the air temperature, humidity inside the car.

    Safety of operations

    360° reverse image display of the whole vehicle to ensure operation safety.

    Air bag seat

    Adopt headrest integrated air shock absorption seat, the best shock absorption effect. The seat can be adjusted front and back, up and down, and the driver can adjust the seat to the most comfortable position according to his own needs, so that the driving is more comfortable, meet the needs of medium and long distance driving, and greatly reduce the fatigue degree of the driver.

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