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Tractor Head


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  •            Upgraded from original New N8E 3.0, JUYING has new interiors and exteriors. It can be applied with transportation market that covers coal, mining, port and etc, of which customers are more concerned about the cost performance, cost, weight and practicality.

  •      Exterior Upgrade

         Front mask: shield-like front mask is of smooth lines and clear outline, giving customers a strong visual shock with Dayun logo.

         Grille: Chrome-plated grille not only facilitates engine cooling, but also reduces wind resistance. The overall shape of air intake grille is more fashionable and beautiful.

         Sticker: This model is applied with the economical market, mainly coal, steel transportation. Feather type design is brief, clear and full of youthful vitality, delivering the meaning of light weight of the truck.
         Daytime running lamps: Daytime running lamps are easier to identify and can be used during the day as a warning. This product is equipped with DRL to ensure your driving safety.

       Interior Upgrade

        Interior Upgrade: In the current market, the width of the cab is the only one that reaches 2.49 meters among the models with less than 8 tons of curb weight; Using N8V interiors, the overall color matches a new definition, highlighting the interior atmosphere style while enjoying modern comfort.

       Multi-functional steering wheel: Used calfskin leather is sweat and oil resistant, improve driving convenience.

       Multimedia display screen: More intelligent and more comfortable driving experience is provided with 30cm multimedia display screen, which integrates radio,audio and video, navigation, bluetooth.

       Full-auto air conditioner: The standard and full-auto air conditioner guarantees more accurate flow control with fewer operations. One-touch create a cozy driving environment.
       Sleeper storage box: The bottom plate of the sleeper adopts light EPP material to reduce the weight. Meanwhile, 150L storage space is reserved below the sleeper for convenient storage of daily necessities during driving.
      Sleeper: A sleeper up to 1010mm wide, comparable to the mobile bed room.

      On-board power supply: 220V AC power supply interface and 300W power supply, which can realize the use of common on-board electrical appliances and provide convenience.

      Multi-functional air bag seat: pneumatic air bag waist support, adjustable damping and other functions to improve the seat's driving comfort;

      Three-step tread: The hollowed out design is lighter; Using the anti-skid design, from the original two-step to three-step, which is more reasonable ergonomics.

         Chassis Upgrade

       The chassis of New N8E 3.0, JUYING is improved from comfort, structure, configuration, weight and etc.

        V-shaped gear shift lever: V-shaped gear shift lever is a standard feature of JUYING, which effectively prevents the second and rear axles from shifting back and forth, avoiding tire blowout due to friction between leaf springs and tires caused by axle movement.  

        Cabin shock absorption: air bag suspension greatly reduces the vibration from the road, fully relieving the fatigue of drivers and passengers, and ensuring comfort.

        Straight-flow air filter: The air filter is located in the lower part of the cab floor; Filter element maintenance period is extended and can drives 60,000 kilometers. Compared with the ordinary air filtration scheme, the design layout moves forward 400mm, making the trailer turning radius larger.

        Light Rim: Optimized with new structure, the individual rim is 2kg lower than the previous generation. 

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