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Tractor Head

N9H YuanHang Tractor Head

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  •         N9H Voyage Edition 3.0 is a new upgraded product based on the original model, mainly for general cargo bulk and composite functional transportation market, customers are more concerned about vehicle comfort, safety, intelligent technology and reliability configuration, etc.

  • 1. Exterior Upgrade

         Sticker upgrade: echoing the body pulling, highlighting the upgraded product features.

         Chrome-plated decorative strip: a sense of power and beautiful forward.

         N9H pull: the combination of "fire" and "tiger" image is simplified, and the cascading method reflects the fashionable, dynamic and powerful feeling, which means "tiger is powerful".

         Sporty Orange: New bright color paint, showing the youthful attitude.

    2.Interior Upgrade

       New look: switches and a beautifully crafted handbrake are within easy reach of the driver, creating a layered driving space with the sub-dashboard. Matte button are highly textured, making you feel at home.

        Interior color: The whole car is in cool black, bringing a different passenger car experience from that of common heavy trucks. The warm color delivers the luxury and comfort of warm technology, and the color design of the instrument panel gives a sense of sport and fashion.

        Integrated passenger panel: The front of the passenger side combines the trim strip and the air conditioning vents into one.

        Instrument panel material: Some areas of the instruments add plastic design to enhance the driver's touch feel.

        Passenger side table : Table board is foldable and can be used as you like.

        Instrument panel design: Raised dot design prevents items from sliding, and makes it easy to operate.

        Airbag seats: Driving comfort is improved.

        Extra wide sleeper: 1010mm mobile sleeper bed guarantees your sleeping experience.

        Removable ashtray: Convenient for drivers to smoke and keep the interior of the cab tidy.

        Compressible ashtray: usually closed and locked state, when in use can it be pressed and popped out, saving space and improving the comfort of use.

        One-button start: the start method is completely simplified and more convenient.

       Dual USB interface: output voltage 5V × 2, maximum charging current 2.1A × 2, can support Apple, Android and other brands of cell phones and tablet computers charging.

       220V power supply: 220V AC power supply interface can realize the use of common electrical appliances in the car, at any time in the car can cook and boil water, for customers to use electrical equipment on the way to drive to provide a convenient.

       Multimedia display: 10.1-inch multimedia, with radio, video, navigation, and other functions at the same time integrated air conditioning, independent warm air, vehicle door locks, windows and other functional control, improve the sense of human-computer interaction experience and driving convenience.

       Cell phone holder : Increase the driving utility function, easy to use and enhance driving safety.

       Park + Trailer Hand Valve: The trailer parker valve and vehicle parker valve are arranged on the dashboard, greatly improving the convenience of driver operation.

       Shift mechanism: The closest distance between the shift mechanism and the dashboard is kept above 160mm, fully meeting the requirement of passability between the main driver and the passenger, and increasing the space for passenger activities.

    Fully automatic air conditioning: fully automatic air conditioning is standard, with automatic control of air volume mode, higher precision, reduced operation, and a key to open a comfortable temperature to create a good driving environment.
    Independent air conditioning: optional independent air conditioning, adjusting the cockpit temperature in summer when parking, providing a comfortable driving environment for drivers and passengers when resting in the car.

    Independent warm air: optional independent warm air, adjust the cockpit temperature when driving and parking in winter, providing a comfortable driving environment for the driver and passengers.

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