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Tractor Head

V9 series tractor

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  • The Dayun V9 was launched in 2015, using positive R&D design, through the fine analysis of customer needs, product planning, engineering design, four high test, reliability test verification, a new generation of V platform products built in four years.

    Marketed as a domestic high-end heavy truck, it is an efficient truck developed for high value-added transportation industries such as daily industrial goods transportation, cold chain/valuable goods transportation, express/express transportation and hazardous chemicals transportation, which will support your business.

  • ·          Weichai Power

        The WP13 series engine has a maximum power of 550hp and a maximum torque of 2550N.m. The acceleration capability is one step faster; the maximum torque speed extends to 950rpm, and the low-speed torque is large, so the climbing is out of reach.

         Long interval of oil change

        Optional "long oil change" configuration for engine, transmission and drive axle, effectively extending oil change time and saving costs.

        High transmission efficiency

        High horsepower engine + overdrive gearbox + small ratio rear axle makes the transmission more efficient


        Smart Fuel Saving

        Multi-state fuel-saving switch, intelligent adjustment of power output power

         Active Safety

         Matching TPMS, LDWS, FCW, EBS+ESC, AEBS, EPB electronic active safety technology; Dual warning function + EBS, tire pressure monitoring, emergency protection device for flat tire + emergency safety device for flat tire.

    ·         "Car-class comfort" mobile home

        Flat floor design, cab interior space 2040mm high, storage space 800L.

         Center Console

        The soft-clad instrument panel is used to enhance the texture and comfort of use.

    ·         Driver's seat

        Standard multifunctional electric heated and ventilated airbag seat, standard headrest, integrated seat belt, armrest, pneumatic lumbar support, with pneumatic height adjustment, the driver adjusts the comfort to the best at will; speed drop, damping, heating, ventilation and other functions, applicable to more road conditions, smoothness more, more convenient to get in and out of the car.

         All use spring material to improve the comfort of the sleeper and reduce driving fatigue. The upper sleeper aluminum alloy skeleton, standard with segmented rolled retracting net, beautiful appearance, quick and convenient rolled retracting, giving customers all-round safety protection. Lower sleeper size 2000 * 820mm, large space, matching headrest flip mechanism, manual control of the sleeper headrest flip angle, the maximum can be tilted 55 °, rest, reading or watching video are very comfortable.

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