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Deputy Governor Gao Jianmin visited Dayun Motor New Energy Vehicle Base
Release time:2016-10-25 00:00:00 Views:1265
      On October 24, executive vice governor Gao Jianmin officially paid a business-research visit to Dayun Motor production base in company with city mayor Chen Zhenliang, vice mayor Wang Ruibao and other officers. This visit aimed to research enterprise operation, safety production and other business. Mr. Yuan Qinshan, the Chairman of Dayun Group, and Mr. Sun Zhaoming,  Deputy General Manager warmly welcomed the distinguished guest to Dayun Motor.
      Mr. Gao Jianmin and his delegation went into workshop to learn the production process, and consulted Mr. Yuan about new energy products regarding R&D, market, sales and others. Mr. Gao Jianmin fully affirmed the achievements made by Dayun Motor in the construction of new energy vehicles. He hoped that Dayun Motor should seize the opportunities for the development of new energy vehicles and continue to strengthen technological innovation in the field of new energy vehicles and form a core competitive advantage. Meanwhile, as a labor-intensive enterprise, Dayun Motor must not to relax the sense of safe production, and always think of safe production as walking on thin ice.  He asked officers in the enterprise to solve the problem, doing everything possible to help Dayun Motor get top level in new energy vehicles industry competition.
      Mr. Yuan Qin Shan expressed his gratitude to provincial and municipal governments for all kinds of the strong support in Dayun Motor’s development. He said that Dayun Group has the confidence to grow quicker, stronger and bigger, leading the first step in new energy automotive industry in Shanxi, representing as a famous business card to the world.

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